How to Combine Beauty & Functionality in Your Yard

Although many don’t realize the two can be combined, there is a way to create functional yard pieces that are also beautiful to look at. Also known as “functional fine art” these pieces combine the best of both worlds, serving a practical purpose while simultaneously giving you something beautiful to look at. The possibilities are limitless, but below we’ve started you off with just a few ideas.

Stainless Steel Cutouts Fire Pit

Creating or purchasing a fire pit made from stainless steel offers you a viable, durable place to have bonfires. The cutout portion refers to a decorative portion of steel which extends beyond the base, to form sides. The cut outs can be any design you want and can provide a small additional protection from the wind.

Intricately Carved Storage Bench

Around your fire pit, why not make use of a few intricately carved storage benches? Storage is located beneath the seat and offers somewhere to store a variety of supplies – including water bottles! The intricate carvings, typically seen along the length of the legs or the front of the seat, make them stunning.

Brightly Colored Gazebo

functional fine art

A gazebo can be customized after building or purchasing to look any way you want. Using bright colors in stripes, geometric shapes, or another pattern to really set it apart. The eyes will be drawn to the beauty of the gazebo, which also offers a shady place to sit or gather for the family.

Gumdrop Walkway Lighting

Many homes have lights placed near their walkways to help illuminate them after dark. But how about using small lanterns to create a ‘gumdrop walkway’ – so named because of the variety of colors used. It’s simple. Pick four or six different colored bulbs and place them in a pattern along your walkway. For example, blue-red-green-purple-orange-yellow. The effect is very fairytale-esque.